Pauline Alice Ninot Jacket

Hello sewing people. Thanks for dropping by. Last year, although I didn’t blog very much I was definitely sewing … just not the sort of sewing that’s terribly interesting to show and tell. This year I’m hoping to get out of the sweatshirt rut and spend my time on some more involved projects.

I didn’t set out with the goal to have a completely hand-made wardrobe but that’s how things are evolving. Moving away from the city two years ago (less access to clothes shops) has meant that I’ve been sewing less ‘going out’ clothes and more useful basics. As I work from home I don’t need office appropriate outfits and my social life is far from glamorous so I’ve just been filling my wardrobe with comfy jersey.

Just before the Christmas holidays last year I decided I needed to get my teeth into a more meaty project. I had a gap in my wardrobe for a fancy winter jacket and really wanted something with a fur (fake of course) collar. I already had the perfect pattern in my stash – the Ninot Jacket (I love Pauline Alice – I want ALL her patterns)

All the fabric and notions came from who have an amazing range. Their shipping to the UK (I think they’re based in Germany) has got loads quicker than it used to be (for this order it was free as it was over a certain amount.)

For the project I ordered:

2m fulled loden

3 matching buttons (I was so happy that I could get these in the same grey fabric)

1/2 m Whorly Faux Fur

1.3m lining fabric

With the matching thread the order came to £59.17 – so not super cheap but surely cheaper than you could buy most winter jackets for in the shops?

I would say the pattern is intermediate level. There are some high-end techniques involved such as welt pockets and bound button holes but the instructions are great and there are some tutorials on the Pauline Alice blog which I found very helpful. I didn’t have any major issues sewing this up, the pattern is really well written and comes together nicely.

For info I am 5’3″ so the length is pretty spot on if you’re on the short side.

I sewed view A which includes the collar but doesn’t have the sleeve tabs. The only change I made was to add fur cuffs. I think the most time-consuming part was hand stitching the lining in place.

The whole project took a few weeks but I did it in small chunks of free time. I’m really happy with the result, it’s cosy and comfy and I feel very glam when I’m wearing it.

We are currently being battered by storm ‘Dennis’ so I couldn’t take the photos on my usual ‘posing stone’ outside – these are taken on the inside of the Roundhouse and are a bit rubbish due to British February light (or lack thereof!)

Pauline Alice Xerea Dress

I should be planning some Autumn sewing but the heatwave shows no sign of abating so I did this instead.

Let me start by saying I hate this dress and I hate these photos.  I was half tempted not to post about it but in the interests of ‘blog-honesty’ I thought I should .  This is the Xerea dress from Pauline Alice.  and I’ve made it twice before.  I’ve also made her Rosari skirt which I love and have my eye on a couple of other patterns, especially the Sorrel trousers.

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