Closet Case Charlie Caftan

I have a lot of luck with Closet Case patterns, I’ve made several and they seem to fit me without too much alteration and I really like their styles.

I’m writing this in the middle of a heatwave in the UK.  We moved into our new house at the beginning of May and  although we moved less than 10 miles it feels like we relocated to another country as the weather has just got hotter and sunnier since then.  I got rid of a lot of clothes when we moved and because we’ve not had a really good summer for years in this part of the world I suddenly found myself severly lacking in the hot weather dressing department.

Luckily I had cut the fabric out for this pattern in the old house but hadn’t had chance to finish it before we had to start packing.  I carted the pieces here so my first project was just a case of stitching it up!

Apart from shortening the skirt (at 5’3″ I have to shorten pretty much everything) I didn’t make any other alterations.

It’s a pretty simple pattern to sew together, the trickiest bit is the little oblong at the front where the ties come out of.  The instructions are very clear but I think the technique of inserting a square of fabric into another piece like this is one that needs some practise for me.  I’m quite happy with how it turned out though. If you don’t look too closely it looks ok.

I can’t remember where I got the fabric from, I really need to keep track of this sort of thing.  It’s some kind of cotton lawn, very light so lovely to wear when the weather is hot.

I have been watching some YouTube videos about how to pose in photos.  I always feel a bit daft doing this, especially as I use a tripod and the self-timer on my camera.  Luckily the garden is pretty private!  I suppose all of us who share sewing photos just want to make the clothes look as good as we possibly can so it’s worth a bit of effort I think.  I use photoshop a lot in my day job so I like to use filters and enhancements but I promise I don’t ever rub out mistakes!!

I’ve worn this a lot since I finished it, it’s the perfect dress for sitting outside with a sundowner on a balmy evening.  It looks a little oriental from the back?  A combination of the pattern and fabric I think.

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