Easy Ombre Slouch Hat

Happy New Year 2020! I thought I’d kick things off with a little bit of knitting! (I’m in the middle of a biiiiggggg sewing project which is taking longer than planned that I’ll blog about soon so watch this space!)

This is the ‘easy ombre slouch hat’ and it’s a free pattern that you can find on Ravelry. It’s pretty straightforward and it takes very little wool. It’s knit with round and double pointed needles. The pom-pom is not part of the pattern but who can resist a pom-pom?

I enjoy knitting but I’m very slow with it and I’m really only at the hats and scarves level. However I shrank both my shop-bought hats last autumn by washing them too hotly so I was in need of a bobble hat that didn’t give me a headache after an hour of wearing it.

I found this fab tutorial for making knitting with two colours easier and quicker and it’s really given me the urge to try some Fair Isle patterns. First though, as I have plenty of this wool left over, I’m going to try to make a matching scarf.

I did amend the pattern by making the ribbing twice as deep so I could have a turn-up. No reason really other than it makes it a bit cosier.

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