Megan Nielsen Flint Shorts

The heatwave continues and I found myself severely lacking in the shorts department. With a Sunday bike ride planned I decided to see if I could whip up a pair this weekend. I’ve made the Flint pattern before as the long wide-leg trousers so I had the pattern pieces all cut out and knew that it fit.

My first pair were made last year in the old house from some gorgeous John Kaldor linen which I bought from Minerva Crafts.

These are the version with the tie waist and I was really pleased with the way they turned out, I’ve worn them lots.

For the shorts I used a military green denim from my stash – I’m not sure where it’s from, it’s quite thick and it’s got a tiny bit of stretch.

This time I decided to do the version with the button waistband.  I put the button on the inside so it’s invisible.  I cut them out a bit longer than the pattern so I could do a turn-up around the bottom.  Comparing these to the photos on the MN website I think I should have shortened them a bit.

We used to live opposite someone who attended WW2 battle re-enactments.  It was very strange to look out the window on a Sunday morning to see the street full of ‘soldiers’ in khaki driving ancient camo jeeps.  In these shorts I feel like I would have fit right in.

I really love using contrasting pocket linings and this time I also used it on the inner waistband.

Again from my stash this is a very twee and floral quilting cotton – I can’t imagine what I thought I was going to make with it – a pinny and matching tea-towel maybe!

I made the waistband a bit deeper than the pattern said and I think that was a mistake as it gapes a bit.   I may add some loops so I can wear a belt with them to solve that problem.

The pattern is pretty straight-forward until you get to the opening.  It’s not complicated but you have to concentrate to get it right.  Both times I have made the same mistake of sewing the pocket into the waist, trying them on and thinking they’re way too tight then realising I sewed them up wrong.  It’s a unique construction and it’s great to not have to put in a zip.

So I did manage to finish these in time and can confirm that they stood up to a gentle bike ride.  Not the most flattering item of clothing I’ve made but they’re comfy and in this hot weather I think they’ll get plenty of wear.

Word to the wise – remember that the pocket on the opening side is not fully stitched up.  First thing I did when setting off out was put my keys in there and they fell straight through!!


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