Named Sointu Kimono Tee

Hello lovely blog readers.  Here’s another garment I made last year in the old house before we moved – the Named Sointu Kimono Tee.

This is a loose fitting top with kimono sleeves and waist ties. It’s designed for jersey fabrics but it works absolutely fine with wovens.

I’ve had mixed success with Named patterns.  The sewing community seemed to go nuts for the Inari Tee Dress when it came out.  I made one but ended up only wearing it as a nightie as it felt so shapeless on me.   I love their funky modern styles though.

For once I know exactly where I got this fabric from due to my handy fabric log.  It’s not got much on it because I’m trying not to buy fabric at the moment – turns out buying a house (and all the stuff you have to do to it once you’re in) is veeeerrry expensive!

Anyway this is a gorgeous cotton lawn with humongous blowsy flowers all over it.  I can’t resist these in-your-face prints.

I usually steer clear of yellow, it doesn’t do my skin tone any favours.  But I was wearing this in the garden the other day and the postie complimented me on it – ‘Oh what a beautiful top’.   Don’t you just love it when people comment favourably on your handmade clothes?  🙂

Named sewing patterns are beautifully packaged and the instructions are really thorough and clear.

This is a really easy top to put together too.  Because it’s designed for knit fabric the pattern uses a neck band, I just made some bias binding from my fabric and used it in the same way.  I guess you could draft a facing instead which would probably work too.

The one change I made is with the ties.  The reason I bought this pattern was because I’d seen a top in M&S and I wanted to  copy it and this design was almost exactly the same.

Instead of adding loops I integrated the ties into the waist band like the M&S top.  One thing about the ties is that they are VERY long.  I’m actually wondering now if I mis-measured them.

I quite like this though because it means you can play around with how you tie them – front, back, side, bow etc.

Another benefit of a loose top with ties is it looks nice and fitted it but you could subtly loosen them after a big lunch for comfort  😉





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