Papercut Anima Shark Pants

Happy weekend lovely people.  Allow me to introduce my Shark pants!

Whilst I really love sewing fancy tops and pretty dresses some of my most successful makes (successful as in I wear them a lot) are what in our house we call ‘scrumfies’ (scruffy comfies). You know, the sort of clothes you wear when you’re not planning on leaving the house (and you hope no-one is going to pop in)?  AKA not-so-secret pyjamas, AKA scrumfs.

This outfit is made up of two self-made garments – the Papercut ‘Anima’ pants and the Style Arc ‘Winona’ top.

I don’t have much experience with Papercut patterns but I absoutely love Style Arc, especially now you can buy their patterns on Amazon (which saves the high shipping cost and long wait involved with ordering from Australia). I’ve made quite a few of their designs with lots of success.

I think I got the shark fabric from Jelly Fabrics – I loved it so much I also got the green version.  Unfortunately I can’t find it now so maybe it’s sold out.

The top is made from some very lightweight white t-shirt jersey.  My lovely hubby bought me an eyelet tool and a bag of multi-coloured eyelets as a Christmas present so I used a different colour for each hole.

One of the nice things about some of the smaller pattern companies is the thought they put into their pattern packaging.  Papercut patterns are really lovely, especially the packet with it’s cut-out logo.

Style Arc patterns on the other hand are very utilitarian with sparse directions.  They do staple a little fabric swatch to the packet though as a suggestion of what to use.

The Winona top has a curved hem, lace up v-neck and integrated cap sleeves.  It’s quick and easy to make.  I really love how Style Arc use review photos on their site (especially because I’m one of the Stacey Jean Jacket ‘models’ ha ha!) and I love the version of Winona that’s featured in the photos here in the chunky knit with thick ties.

The ‘Anima’ pants are basic sweat pants but they have a nice tapered shape that saves them being too baggy.  They have pockets and a faux fly.

I didn’t bother with the waist ties, I just did a simple elasticated waist band.  I did have to shorten them quite a bit of course.

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend wherever you are – it’s still hot, hot, hot here and we are praying for rain which is very unusual for these parts!



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