Pauline Alice Xerea Dress

I should be planning some Autumn sewing but the heatwave shows no sign of abating so I did this instead.

Let me start by saying I hate this dress and I hate these photos.  I was half tempted not to post about it but in the interests of ‘blog-honesty’ I thought I should .  This is the Xerea dress from Pauline Alice.  and I’ve made it twice before.  I’ve also made her Rosari skirt which I love and have my eye on a couple of other patterns, especially the Sorrel trousers.

I used this fabric from Backstitch. It’s viscose with 5% stretch and it feels a bit like linen.  I had forgotten about the elastane content until I started sewing with it, I stupidly thought I might get away with it  but of course it has affected the sizing quite a bit.

The first two times I sewed this pattern I could not get my head around the pocket construction.  I figured it out eventually but not without much frustration and head scratching.  This time it was a breeze and I don’t understand how I found it complicated before – as they say ‘third time’s a charm’

There are no real tricky bits to this pattern and it goes together quick and easy.  So quick and easy that I steamed ahead over-confidently and made a stupid mistake.

I tried it on after setting in the first sleeve to check the fit and as it looked ok I carried on with the second one and then neatly finished the seams with the overlocker.  Tried it on again and the second sleeve felt really weird, it was shorter than the other one and weirdly twisted and wonky.

Turns out I had lined up the underarm seam with the yoke seam rather than the side seam … d’oh! As you may know – unpicking an overlocked seam is a nightmare, plus then I didn’t have much room to manouvre when re-setting the sleeve, but I just about managed it.

One of the main problems with the finished dress is that it’s too big (especially across the shoulders).  Also I don’t like the length and although it feels super comfy to wear it looks a bit sack like when worn.  I’m also not sure about the pattern in this fabric – a bit frumpy?

The only thing I do like about it is the ‘v’ back – it’s a lovely design feature.  So in conclusion, nothing wrong with this pattern – just not for me.

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