Sew Over It Eve Dress

This is the first garment made completely in the new house and so was a good test of my new cutting table which is actually a fold-down trestle table from Amazon.

I used to cut out on the dining room table but that’s not practical now I do all my sewing in the garden cabin!  I don’t have enough space to keep a table up all the time so this was a pefect solution.

This is the Sew Over It ‘Eve’ dress.

I have actually made this dress before to wear to a wedding last year.  I was happy with how it looked but I never wore it again for two reasons.  Firstly the fabric just felt a bit weird – it was a very slippery viscose, can’t remember where from, but you know how some fabrics just don’t feel too nice against the skin, well that was this. It’s sad because I really loved the print.

Secondly it really gaped around the wrap front.  I’d forgotten this until I made the second version and exactly the same thing happened (It brought back memories of desperately searching for a safety pin the morning of the wedding to prevent a wardrobe malfunction later in the day)

In the sewing instructions it tells you to add stay tape to the neckline to avoid stretching it out.  I didn’t do this and thought I could get away with just stay-stitching but I was wrong.  On this one the gape was even worse:

Maybe it’s a combination of a fitting issue and a stretching issue but the only way I could think to fix it was a dart at the waist line.

Not an elegant solution and it looks a bit messy inside but it did the trick:

I can’t remember where I got the fabric but as you can see it’s a coral coloured viscose crepe with a flamingo print.  Are you starting to see a trend? Yes,  I cannot resist fabric with animals or birds printed on it.

I only had just enough fabric to finish this dress and I had to forfeit the dipped (is that what these uneven hems are called?) hem.  I also had to make the ties a bit skinnier than the pattern intends but I think they look ok.  You can see in the photo above that my improvised dart has caused the bottom corner of the skirt to rise up.

This is a very feminine shape – especially view A with the fluttery sleeves.  It’s a real ‘garden party’ dress.  The ‘v’ neck is *just* within the realms of decency I think but I may worry about bra-flash when I wear it out – we’ll see.

I really wish I’d taken off the horribly clashing pink sandals before taking the photos.

Looking at the pictures now maybe I should have shortened the skirt length – I read somewhere that you should end your skirts at the narrowest part of your leg (just below the knee for me) to avoid looking frumpy – I may do that if I find I wear it a lot.


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  1. These are just gorgeous – I’ve been tempted by this pattern for a long time, time to try it out! Thanks for the review

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